This Dog Stayed In Front Of The Hospital For Several Months After His Owner Passed Away!

Dogs really are amazing, they seem to be able to experience attachment very much like we do, this dog’s owner was stabbed and died, his dog had made a home right in front of the hospital where he passed away!

The dog would put himself right a the front of the Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in Brazil for around four months, according to the local media there!

He first came to be there at the hospital after desperately running after an ambulance that his owner was in, the 59-year-old guy was sadly homeless…

The dog belonged to the homeless man who had fallen foul of a stabbing in a terrifying and deeply aggressive attack during a street fight in Novo Horizonte.

He was rushed to the local hospital and that is when his dog chased his owner and friend to the hospital…

dog owner

The man didn’t stand much chance after his injuries from the street fight that he was involved in, but he fought desperately for two months before he succumbs to his injuries finally.

The hospital staff has given the lovely dog food and water, they looked after the sweet dog, and in the end, the best thing for him was to be taken care of, so they found him a local kennel to go to about three kilometers from the hospital.

dog owner

He was all set to go with his new owner and start a new life, so you can imagine the shock when hospital staff discovered he had returned to his place at the front of the hospital again!

This dog pined for his best friend and owner and even sneakily escaped to try and get back to him, the poor doggie was so sad!

His story went completely viral on Facebook, it was a local woman called Cristine Sardella who posted photos of him and his story on Facebook…

dog owner

There are, not so surprisingly, many other stories along with this theme, where dogs have pined for their owners and found it so terribly difficult to let them go, even after they have died!

Her Post on Facebook said:

“We have a lot to learn from animals.”

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