Waiting To Be Slaughtered, This Poor Dog Was Petrified, Could He Be Saved?

In Cambodia, many people eat dogs and like many thousands of dogs in the country they could be facing the chop, maybe just in the nick of time, someone could save him…

A guy called Michael Chour has dedicated 13 years to saving dogs in Cambodia and Thailand, so when he heard that there could be a restaurant that has around 10 dogs to serve on a platter and in soup, then he couldn’t do anything else but go there to help!

He had his mind set to save the doggies so when he arrived there to see that there was Chock Dee, locked in a tiny cage with seven other doggies, what could he do?

The dogs were desperately trying to escape, but they couldn’t.

Looking into the dog’s eyes he just had to take action, Chock Dee especially desperate to escape was chewing on the cage bars not knowing what else to do to escape, the owner of the restaurant told him that he could have just one dog, only one!

Broken and shocked by this then he had to at least save one, and considering Chock Dee’s desperation to get out, then he chose him to take, to rescue him from his certain death that otherwise awaited him.

Without any other choice, he took the one dog and left the others in their cage, even though he knew what awaited them his hands were tied. He at least can sleep with a clear conscience that he did everything in his power to free as many of the dogs as he could.

At least one doggie would get the chance of a happy life because he was there to save him. Chock Dee is happy and healthy in his foster home, he will there until he can be adopted.

Chour said:

“He’s just looking around, trying to understand the world around him”

“He enjoys cuddles and kisses, and loves playing with the other dogs.”

It’s very sad that many millions of dogs are slaughtered every year for the dog meat industry, and more often than not being kept in really awful conditions then slaughtered inhumanely before they process them to eat.

You can help Chour on his mission to save dogs and open a shelter by following his Facebook page, The Sound of Animals and you can even donate if you choose, but even easier at least share this story and spread the word, lets at least help him that way.

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