Dog Passes The Rainbow Bridge Because A 14-year-old Boy Had A Temper Tantrum

The youth of today seem to be, on the whole, getting worse, but is it the just a case of every new generation saying the same thing? Well, this time we think he has really crossed the line…

The schoolkid arrogantly pinched and kicked this pensioner’s dog, without a single cause or giving any consideration to what he was actually doing at all.

He completely lost his temper, having some sort of temper tantrum, for the dog it was, of course, fatal, and he passed the rainbow bridge, never to return back to his elderly owner.

The dog was a Staffordshire bull terrier called Teddy, the dog held the boy’s own dog, who was being very aggressive.

The good-natured dog, owned by the pensioner had suffered a fractured skull, blunt force injuries to his head were severe.

He also had may further injuries to his neck and torso, the boy was, of course, found to be guilty of the awful things he did.

The boy, now 15-years-old was given a five-year ban and fined around $650 he was also given a curfew to stick to at night.

The district judge said that had been an adult or tried as an adult, he would have been going ‘straight down those steps to custody’.

The judge also said:

‘This is at the highest level of animal cruelty.’

Addressing the boy, she also said that domestic violence has:

“…severely affected” his emotional wellbeing.

“You are a young man who has lived with domestic violence for a long time,”

“Domestic violence under the influence of alcohol that has severely affected your emotional wellbeing and ability to deal with stressful situations.”

RSPCA prosecutor Kevin Withey said that the attack was witnessed by many people on a residential street and called it ‘traumatic’.

It’s really evident how upset they were about their dog being attacked like it was, without their help in the case there was no way it could have been prosecuted successfully, but even in their grief, they were incredibly brave and stood up to help the success of the case against the boy.

Teddy will live on in their memories but they will forever feel sad about it, they are still in a state of shock and each day they struggle to hold back their tears for Teddy

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