Crafty Dog Owner Builds A Pinewood Bed And Feeding Station For His Pup

Crafty Dog Owner Builds A Pinewood Bed And Feeding Station For His Pup

It can be easy to overlook simple, old leftover materials, or pieces of scrap wood lying in the garage or on the sidewalk. The truth is, however, that things like this can be transformed into something completely unexpected and beautiful. Whether you decide to make an adorable bed for your pet, or build a nice new piece of furniture for your home with these materials, the ideas for DIY projects are endless. Below, we take a look at what Imgur user oryarimi made with a few spare planks of pinewood that was left over at his father’s place. He had been wanting to make a special bed for his 2-year-old dog, Jacky, for a while, and now found the best way to repurpose these scraps of wood into something totally incredible…

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Imgur user oryarimi was browsing on Facebook when he got inspired to build an incredible bed for his 2-year-old Pekingese-Chihuahua mix, Jacky.
He picked up some of his dad’s spare pinewood, and started to saw it into little planks.


The base of the bed would look very much like a “crate,” but it would have a surprise twist to it at the end…


First, he connected all the pieces of woods to make the sides and floor of the bed.
Not everything went as smoothly as planned: the sides tilted, and there were little gaps between the planks.


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