Couple Faces Animal Cruelty Charges – Dog Left Outside In Snow, No Food, Shelter Or Water!

Do you think that a modicum of common sense would tell a normal person about what happens when you leave a house pet outside in the snow? Well this couple in Meriden faces animal cruelty charges for just that reason!

Police say that the couple left their English Bulldog outside in the snowy cold temperatures, even worse without any shelter, food or water…

The couple 44 and 31 years old respectively, Salesse Pearsall and Benjamin Pearsall, were both arrested in the Thursday then charged with two separate counts of animal cruelty each!

Salesse Pearsall was charged with unlawful tethering, in the first degree and because of his failure to license the dog.

The police discovered what was going on after they investigated the incident after they received numerous anonymous complaints about a dog without food, water or shelter outside a home on Mountain View.

animal cruelty

According to the police spokesperson Sgt McKay police investigated the reports and found the animal outside, tethered, indeed without food water or shelter, and completely inappropriately so for extended periods, apparently!

The police requested that the Animal Control officers accompany them to the address, it was Officer Brian Kline who accompanied them. The dogs spine was clearly visible through its skin, which was dirty and you could plainly see the abuse the animal had undergone.

As well as the tether and license issue Saleese Pearsall was also arrested for animal cruelty charges and they executed the warrants of arrest and seized the Bulldog who was thankfully taken to a vet to recover and receive treatment immediately.

As well as being so thin the dog had a bleeding scab on the head, hair loss, generally dry and flaking skin all over and small scratches all down the front legs, weighing is at around 30 pounds it was so sad to look at the state of the poor doggie!

animal cruelty

The irresponsible couple were trying to get out of trouble and Salesse Pearsal tried to claim that they left the dog outside for very small periods of time, just a few minutes, but the police responded that they watched the dog for an hour before they came to the door!

Police also stated that they observed that the dog had two bowls, one with frozen water and one empty and absolutely no access to shelter for the animal!

Released on a $1,000 bond Benjamin Pearsall was released but must appear in the court again to answer to charges, in the Meriden Superior Court on 10th January.

Also released was Salesse Pearsall but on a $2,500 bond and recalled to appear in the court on the 11th January.

Let’s all hope that they receive justice relative to their convictions and that justice is truly done!

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