Dog was near to death, but neighbor decide to take matters into his own hands!


No one should ever be treated with anything but love and kindness. When a person treats a helpless and innocent creature, human or animal, cruelly and heartlessly; it’s enough to make our blood boil.

This story takes place in Puerto Rico. There, a dog who had neglected and forgotten about by society was finally given a much needed second chance to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Local authorities were alerted to the pup’s presence. A poor Rocco was none too glad to see them, as he had been forced to live without water and food.

It breaks our hearts to see anyone or anything abused or mistreated.

When a neighbor noticed Rocco’s pitiful state, he knew he had to do something to save him. So he called the police.


When the authorities came to the house and saw Rocco’s deplorable condition, they acted immediately.

They put the emaciated dog into their police cruiser. They took him to receive the medical attention he so desperately needed.

These deplorable conditions led to the issuing of a court order as well and the property was scoured for additional signs of abuse.

Fortunately, Rocco was still in peak health when he was found. He can be adopted by a more loving family as soon as he recovers from his abuse.


Thankfully, Rocco responded well to fluids and he tested negative for both mange and heartworm. Miraculously, besides being extremely malnourished, he was relatively healthy.

The owners who were responsible for treating Rocco so poorly have also been made to face the music and will be punished for their atrocious behavior.

They were forced to come into court, charged with third degree animal abuse. They were  sentenced accordingly for the crimes that they committed.

Since they could not afford to pay the fines, they were sentenced to spend time in prison.

Rocco is recovering well and his rescuers are hopeful that he will be strong and healthy soon.

Then he’ll be ready to find a new forever home and a family who will love him and treat him the way he deserves!


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