This Dog Had His Mouth Taped Shut And Was Left To Die But He Was Still Wagging His Tail!

Meet the dog with no name. This is the unfortunate mutt that plays the lead in our story today.

His tale is one of true sadness and leaves us wondering what is wrong with some of our fellow humans.

But there is also a hero for this fable, and his name is Carlos Carillo.

Carlos is a plumber, and it was on his way to work that he and a colleague spotted something concerning in a ditch which bordered a small country road. It was peculiar enough that though they had driven past the sight, they came back to take a closer look.

Carlos says, “We didn’t know he was a dog at first. We reversed and saw him.”

They Took A Closer Look, But They Didn’t Expect This

What they found was a sight to chill even the coldest of hearts. The lump they’d seen driving past turned out to be a small dog in a terrible state of affairs.

The dog had had his mouth taped shut by some callous individual and just to make sure that he couldn’t remove the tape, he was also tied up with rubber tubing, rendering him immobile.

If Carlos and his colleague hadn’t found him, the dog would have starved to death, or worse, been consumed by rodents while he was still alive and unable to fight back.

How To Save A Life

Carlos immediately fetched a knife and cut the dog free from its restraints. He said, “He seemed OK. He was very loving and liked the attention. He was probably just there for a day or so.”

Carlos delivered the dog to Peewee’s Pet Adoption who treated him for heartworms. They say that the dog is really happy and healthy now. “His tail won’t stop wagging. He’s such a sweetheart.”

It was a happy ending for this lucky pooch. Sadly, the person who abandoned him has not been caught and punished for their cruel misdeeds.

Now all these pup needs is a forever family to finally give him a name!

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