This Dog Went Missing, Lost In Woods, Then Found Three Years Later!

One thing that always surprises us, without fail, is how resourceful doggies can really be, Ginger is just one of those resourceful pets. A really long time ago Ginger was lost, but will finally get reunited…

Ginger spent three long years in the Iowa woods, surviving on wits and any food she could find, this clever dog really did survive against all the odds!

The family, the Georges of Ucross, Wyoming, lost their pup while on a business trip in Burlington, Iowa. Jennifer didn’t want to leave her in a kennel while they were away and took her with them…

Sadly though she got lost while they were in Iowa, all because she managed to sneakily escape the house that they were renting while they were there…

After it happened Jennifer stayed to look for their lovely doggie, but she said that she couldn’t see her at all, it was especially sad as the dog had been her deceased mom’s dog.

The family spent hundreds of dollars on ads to try to find her, but in the end, it was no good, they were not any closer to finding her at all.

Fate has a funny way of getting involved though sometimes, and this was just one of those times. Kandi Glick, the director of the Des Moines County Humane Society was about to rescue a stray pup who fit Ginger’s description, sighted near a car wash.

Kandi said:

“This is really funny to say, but McDonalds saved her life. People dumped food at the car wash and it’s McDonalds, it’s Taco Bell, it’s Burger King and she was digging every night in the trash …The water that people washed their cars with, it’s just amazing she survived we don’t know how she did it.”

Kandi went on to say about the locals in the area:

“[The locas] just thought that she belonged to a home in the neighborhood behind the woods … when in fact, she was actually living in the woods, coming out in the early-morning and late-evening to rummage through the garbage cans at the car wash.”

After the dog’s photo was put up on local missing pet sites people remembered a dog had gone missing three years previous then fit the description, well remembered!

The Georges contacted the rescue and gave them photos, Ginger was still recognizable, but a little worse for the wear though, she even still had on her now faded lime green and purple collar.

SHe had survived three winters on her own, in the woods, she wasn’t in good shape but she as alive, albeit with a case of heartworm…

With some treatment and some love and good food, she was well on the way to recovery!

She was finally reunited with her family on June 13, they drove to pick her up and Kandi also drove half way to meet them, what a happy day it was for them both!

How amazing how this little doggie survived so well…

Ginger was a little confused at first but they quite quickly she then started to remember the family and get all cost with them, they shared the love, together again!

The family is so grateful for being alerted to their long-lost pet and are so happy to have her home with them again.

They said:

“What she does … is she reunites families and she gave us back this dog that meant so much to us and without her people wouldn’t have these moments.”

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