Switching From A Dog Meat Restaurant To A Vegan Restaurant – The Reason Behind It!

We love our dogs as pets, but in Cambodia some love dogs for an entirely different reason, and it’s not something that most of us regard as civilized…

Still though in Buddhist Cambodia, eating dog meat is popular, and we don’t mean the meat you feed to dogs, we do mean the meat from a dog eaten by ‘humans’.

Thankfully though animal rights activists are trying to change this once and for all, one couple was persuaded to drastically change their business in fact…

Chom Mong smiles picking up his four-month-old brown and white adorable puppy called Gigi, he cuddles her gently and she licks him tenderly.

But the real surprise is that only earlier this year Chom Mong actually ran a dog meat restaurant in the Cambodian capital, see his picture below with his now loved pet dog.

Back over in 2015 they were very desperate to make money and had two young children to support, who at the time lived with their grandparents.

The 38-year-old and his wife opened a restaurant to sell dog meat dishes in the Pochentong area of Phnom Penh, close to the airport, not a bad location…

They were pulled to that direction simply because of the money involved in it, and catered to Cambodian diners in the evenings, but that wasn’t all…

Chom Mong says that in actuality he really found dealing in the dog meat quite unsettling….

Chong Mong said:

“I sold it, but I had the feeling I was doing something wrong”

Also in Buddhism, which is Cambodia’s state religion, meat of the dog is considered one of 10 forbidden, with very bad luck to those who eat it.

Chom Mong said:

“Selling dog meat didn’t seem normal, but it was an easy way to earn money”

The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, Marc Ching, and Cambodian-based animal rights supporter Dr. Lucy Haurisa, Chom Mong and his wife, Syna, 35, took a very important decision together.

They cut straight to the chase and they closed their dog meat restaurant and opened Sabay Vegilicious, a vegan restaurant, in a prime central spot, how amazing, but also was quite a risk too!

Chom Mong said:

“It was a big leap”

Dog meat dishes really can bring a much higher price than others that use other animals meats, like chicken or pork, and of course, vegan dishes.

He said:

“But I feel much happier in my mind and want to show others what is possible”

In places like China the trade in dog meat is quite well known, around 20% of people eat dog meat there, in Korea is a whopping 60%, we feel very sad right now!!

Little research has been performed in Cambodia, where dog and cat meat is openly consumed too though, I don’t know about you, but I feel so upset about these facts…

It’s now estimated that up about million dogs are slaughtered every year to eat…

We really want to raise awareness and hope that together that we can begin to stamp out these kinds of practices the whole world over, can you pass the word, and help the cause?

What do you think ?