This Dog Lost Her Owner But Has The Most Heartfelt Response To It All!

This is a story about a really lovely puppy called Belinha, this pup was completely inseparable from her best pal, her human owner Telma Maria, it’s so sad because recently Telma passed away…

Belinda’s love for her owner endures even though she is not there anymore she is greatly missed her best pal!

Maria passed away a few weeks ago, it was after a hard battle against cancer, she has been in terrible pain and her health suffering all the time, her best pal was by her side every step of the way…

She really pulled all her strength together to fight the cancer, and Belinha was the rock she needed, the loyal and lovely puppy, always there!

Dionísio Neto, her son, said:“Belinha proved to be the most faithful companion.”

Her mother described Belinha as her personal nurse, by her side constantly, so loyal and caring!

Belinha was really an integral part of Maria’s life the poor puppy pined for her best pal after she had gone.

It really made sense to let her be there at her wake, to say a final goodbye to her loved human pal one last time…


Belinha really seemed to understand that it was a solemn moment and that her beloved owner had gone, she paid her respects to, very sad a quietly…

What happened that really touched Maria’s son’s heart most of all…


At Maria’s coffin Belinda stayed there for the rest of the service, it was like she had done when Maria was still alive, Neto captured photos of the moment.

He wrote:

“Animals are pure love.”


Even after the funeral, Belinha mourned for her owner and best pal, the family really wanted to give her some peace so they took her to her owners resting place, a puppy Belinha seemed more relaxed after the visit!

Belinha pulled away from the leash and ran straight to her owners grave all by herself, the bond between her and her owner couldn’t even be separated by her passing!

Her Son Neto said:

“Even in death, my mother is teaching that love is not just for humans. My mother and Belinha show that the love of animals is something greater than many people imagine.”


As time passes Belinha will heal and she will start to rest easier, let’s hope she senses that its time to move on and live her own life, after all, its what her master would have wanted for her.

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