Dog loses his ears in a fire, finds new best friend in doll found in the trash with no ears

This dog goes by the name of Scooby and Scooby has had a difficult existence thus far.

Scooby’s caretakers inadvertently left him in a vulnerable position and he has been trying to put the pieces of his life back together ever since. His story is an inspirational one indeed.

Tammy and Brad, Scooby’s humans; placed him and his brother in their truck’s cab while they were paying a visit to a local food pantry in order to stock their kitchen.

As they were inside, a fire broke out inside of their truck and the animals were put in grave danger as a result.


While his brother Smokey (ironic name, right?) was able to escape from the flames rather quickly; Scooby was not nearly as lucky and this poor pup suffered a series of rather severe burns due to his exposure to the flames inside of the truck.

Scooby’s ears, nose and paws were all burned and his beautiful white fur became discolored.

His charred fur was a sad sight to see and the dog was also struggling to breathe after suffering through all of the excess smoke inhalation that had taken place during his terrible ordeal.

BluePearl Veterinary Partners was tasked with fixing Scooby, but they could not reverse the damage to his ears, despite their best efforts.


He no longer has functional ears and they decided that he deserved a new toy after the trauma that he had experienced.

Thanks to the efforts of these animal doctors, Scooby’s story has become one of triumph instead of sadness.

We are glad that they have found the perfect toy for him and seeing these two spend so much time together is certainly heartwarming.

A Hello Kitty doll with no ears may seem like trash to some, but as the old saying goes, one pup’s trash is another pup’s treasure!

Stay strong Scooby!

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