Why Your Dog Looks At You While He Poops

We all love our dogs so much but do we understand everything about them, no most of us don’t, but there are some things that albeit peculiar, are quite interesting to know..

Eating garbage, that certainly is one thing that makes no sense to us either, but not so bad as smelling everyone else butt right?

So, ok, sometimes we too dream about running, but not nearly as often as our four-legged friends do, for sure!

Even though these many things our dogs do are a little weird, they are pretty adorable in many ways too, especially looking into their kind eyes, feeling their loving loyalty…

Without a doubt one of the most unusual and mysterious things, all dogs seem to do it to look at us as they poop!

Pretty much, if not all doggies, run a kind of stare out competition like they don’t want to do it but they have to, like a compulsion…

Like they are staring into the depths of your soul, in some small way anyway, or maybe they are thinking “stop looking at me”..

But more realistically there is actually a good reason for their behavior, it’s an evolutionary behavior, a real reason for the behavior.

The sheepish and odd look you see in your dog’s eyes is a sign of his mood, how he feels completely defenseless in that one moment, according to the dog behavioral expert Madeline Friedman.

She said:

“The pooping position is a vulnerable position for dogs”

“The feeling of being vulnerable is left over from their wild ancestor, the wolf, who still has to fend for himself in the wild”

“I think dogs are making sure we have their backs while they’re in that vulnerable position for an extended period of time.”

In essence, your dog wants to just make sure that you won’t let a single thing happen to him while he’s busy doing his business!

And then there are even more reasons for this kind of behavior, or so we are told…

Veterinarian Dr. Sonja Olson said:

“By making eye contact, your dog could be asking permission for something …Or your dog could be asking for privacy. All this can vary according to breed, your relationship to the dog and other factors.”

They do it no matter how far they are from you, like a complete compulsion they know why they do it, and if our dogs could speak, it would be very interesting for sure!

But at the end of the day out four-legged friends are really so lovely and adorable, so quirky and delightful.

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