Spent Years In A Cage Forced To Produce Several Litters Of Puppies Has Never Felt Human Kindness, Until Now!


In many parts of the world, people still buy dogs at pet stores. But many of those people who buy dogs from retailers don’t know the history of their new dog.

But the fact is, many of the dogs at pet stores come from breeders who focus not on the well-being of their animals but on making money.

According to the Humane Society, it’s difficult to regulate or even ban the cruelty that some breeders impose on their dogs. And that’s because it’s not always easy to tell if a breeder takes good care of his or her puppies.

The only way to get rid of bad breeders is to adopt dogs from shelters or buy dogs from people who are known to raise their dogs in a safe and loving environment.

The dog Harleigh is one such dog. She spent years in a cage and was forced to produce several litters of puppies. When she was finally rescued, she was in shock.


Because she wasn’t used to human contact, she was afraid of people.

But after only an hour with a loving volunteer, she starting feeling more confident.


It’ll take time for Harleigh to completely regain her trust in people; but in light of what happened during her first hour of freedo;, imagine what could happen after Harleigh spends even a day or a week with a loving family.

I really hope that Harleigh fully recovers!

If you’re buying a dog, always find as much as you can about the breeder before you buy a dog from them.



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