Dog WIth A Lion’s Heart, Dumped In The Park To Perish!

This dog is a real fighter, it hard to tell looking at these pictures because he’s so scrawny, but be had to survive and overcome such terrible hardship, it was almost unachievable, but he was found so close to death…

They called him ‘Sly’ after the real fighter in him, like Silverster Stallone, he was found in the Pennsylvania park.

The police received a call and sent Officer Ron, he had been dumped in the park, in really bad shape too.

Sly was just skin and bones, he could hardly lift his head at all, Officer Ron called the Providence Animal Center quickly and he was rushed to the animal hospital.

The officer told the vets they must save this poor doggies life, they just had to…

He said:

“I want you to save his life.”

The animal shelter said:

“MEET OUR FIGHTER: At 12:00pm, our Humane Officers received a call about a dog who was seen in a park having trouble breathing.”

“Officer Riggle has a tall list of to do’s, but there was something nagging in him to go to Deshong Park, in Chester, right away.”

“When he got there, a contractor familiar with the park helped guide Officer Ron to the area the complainant described.”

“There, along the side of 11th and Crosby Streets, beyond a callery pear tree, was a large dog of skin and bones, who couldn’t even lift his head, a dog who had been left to die.”

The vets got straight to work to save this dog, he weighed just 50 pounds when he first arrived there, so light and thin, half of what he should be.

The vet thought he had recently had an ultrasound as his stomach was shaved, it seemed a logical assumption.

Sly started to recover, but the road ahead was long…

The very day after his ordeal Sly looked like he was starting to feel a little better and was even wagging his tail too.

Sly is happily in foster care, to help him get better and to become a healthy weight too before he could start to look for his forever home.

Sly we wish you the very best in your recovery and hope that you will find an amazing and loving family for the rest of your life, you have your second chance!

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