Heroic Dog Brutally Stabbed By Man As He Tried To Protect A Pregnant Woman

Most of us feel the instinct to protect another person especially a pregnant woman, but this doggie really did feel compelled to do his duty. It all happens during an early morning foray…

This truly amazing dog protected a pregnant woman in a heroic act, His name was Bullet and he was unfortunately stabbed at least three times during the attack.

The attack was carried out by a cowardly 39-year-old man, he had a knife and was at a property in Perth, the doggie intervening is the only thing that saved the woman!

The poor doggie had stab wounds to the head, shoulder, and torso, he ran to a nearby tree after the violent attack and collapsed, around 2 am on a Saturday.

Like a soldier in the field this doggie lay down his life on the line just to protect the woman, you really couldn’t ask for any more from an animal!

heroic dog

The attacker used another dog to help him find how own dog, called Chloe the dog belonged to his neighbor Daniel Leahy. His own dog had run off!

The guy apparently shoved the pregnant woman and threatened her with two knives, that’s the moment when the dog stepped-in to help!

A really loud and awful shrill yelp was heard and someone screams ‘…you stabbed my dog!’

There was blood on the path…

heroic dog

It was only Bullet’s quick reactions that prevented someone getting stabbed if Bullet would not have been there someone would have been stabbed for sure!

A witness said:

‘I thought he was dead because he didn’t really move, he just lay there and the blood was horrific.’

People that were also there broke up the fight to stop the violent attack on the dog before the police arrived on scene.

They rushed Bullet to the vet hospital, the police took him there as fast as they could, trying to stop the bleeding from his head on the way there.

heroic dog

Mr. Leahy said:

‘If Bullet hadn’t had instantly come at him [the neighbor] we would’ve been stabbed …(the dog was) very lucky.’

Mr. Leahy said that the dog is expected to survive the ordeal, thank goodness!

Mr. Leahy has huge medical bills to pay for his dog now and in desperation has set up a GoFund me page to raise money to be able to pay them.

The page is called – ‘get him home where he belongs’!!

The attacker was charged with animal cruelty and for being armed causing fear, and for breach of bail too.

The man was, of course, was flatly refused bail and is going to appear in the Perth Magistrate’s Court on the 15th February…

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