Dog killer to volunteer at animal charity

He killed a dog and stuffed the body into a garbage chute.

A man who viciously attacked and killed a small dog will be volunteering at an animal charity.

In late May, 24-year-old Zheheng Feng stabbed his girlfriend’s dog in the chest and threw the animal’s body down a garbage chute at his luxury apartment building in Manhattan, New York.

Feng was arrested and charged after the dog’s body was found, and on Monday, he pleaded not guilty to the animal cruelty charges stemming from the incident which claimed the life of the tiny terrier-mix.

Rather than accepting a deal which would have put him behind bars for a year and required joining an animal abuse registry, Feng will be volunteering his time at “animal charities,” reported the New York Post.

Outside of the courtroom, Feng’s attorney, Todd Spodek, stated:

 “This is a tragedy for all parties involved, and Mr. Feng is taking proactive steps, including volunteering with animal cruelty organizations in an effort to put this matter behind him.”

Feng told the authorities that his brutal actions on May 26 were done in self-defense, but prosecutors dismissed his explanation and stated that he had “only minor scratches on his body,” reported the New York Daily News.

The dog killed by Feng suffered more than life-ending stab wounds – according to Assistant District Attorney Ryan Howard, the dog was also found with a dislocated hip, broken pelvis from blunt force trauma and bruising.

After being arrested, Feng lost his job at Nomura Securities International, and undoubtedly he has suffered public condemnation for his actions – but is volunteering for a charity, rather than spending time behind bars, enough?

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