Dog is going viral for its quirky REAL eyebrows

If you thought ‘eyebrow lamination’ was the biggest brow aesthetic to hail from Russia this year, you’d better think again.

It just so happens that the latest beauty star hasn’t turned to any tools, tricks or YouTube tutorials to achieve her signature brows.

A stray dog with striking eyebrows was recently found trotting through the streets of Bratsk, the Russian city where temperatures get down to -12° at this time of year.

As you can probably make out, the delightful little creature has the body of a mutt and the luscious eyebrows of Cara Delevingne.

Under the impression that she was painted on by local pranksters, the rescuers took the dog to the Dobriye Ruki animal shelter. It was soon confirmed by staff that the dog’s eyebrows – or rather fur markings – were completely natural.

Canine experts determined that the stray doggo is likely to be part-Husky with the distinctive eyebrows being indicative of this lineage.

Soon after images of the dog were posted online, a woman named Oksana Maymsina agreed to adopt her, meaning she only spent five days in the shelter.

So, what name did she give to the dog with the striking brows? Frida, of course. After the Mexican painter known for her surrealist art, colourful self-portraits and of course, those bushy brows.

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