This Dog Incredibly Recovers From Demodex Infestation To Full Health!

This holiday season is going to bring sole miracles in its own way, and perhaps one of these miracles could be the amazing transformation that one doggie has gone through since he was given over the Houston Humane Society recently.

Luna is desperately seeking her forever home these holidays, sadly it was discovered, according to Monica Schmidt, shelter operations manager, after she arrived in October that she was suffering from a terrible case of demodex!

After around two months Luna is doing really well for herself, she has grown back most of her hair and she looks like a dog renewed again…

Schmidt said:“She had demodex, a type of mange that can cause serious issues in dogs …You see it in a lot of puppies and young dogs. She probably had it for most of her life.”

She also said that Luna is around one year old and that she was surrendered to the humane society by her owners themselves in October.


With this infestation of demodex in the dog’s skin, the mites have caused considerable irritation, hair loss and they have even started to have a significant effect on the dog’s immune system too, according to PetMD!

The Humane Society reported on its Facebook Page that the demodex had affected around 75% of her body, poor Luna didn’t even look like a German Shepard anymore with such a bad skin infection that she had.

The Humane Society also said:

“Due to the severity of the mange, her skin lesions open up and begin bleeding every time she moves or rubs against something …She’s in a lot of pain and has quite a bit of inflammation.”

We are very thankful for Luna’s great treatment and the antibiotics have really helped her heal and fight off the infections she had, along with anti-inflammatory medication and many medicated baths I bet she must feel so much happier too!

Schmidt said:

“Luna came in with swelling in her paws and open sores …She had a lot of scabs and missing a lot of her hair.”

“She loves humans and loves going for walks on a leash …She’s just a happy dog.”


Now after she is really well recovered medically it’s time to find her the loving home that she deserves, a forever family to love and care for her.

Some people have said that they are interested in her but as yet no one has committed to taking her with them.

Schmidt wants to spread the message that anyone can report any case of suspected animal abuse to the Houston Humane Society, and it is very appreciated that people do this if they see any situation that needs their intervention.


For anyone interested in adopting Luna, or another animal from Houston Humane Society then please do call on 713-433-6421 or email [email protected]

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