The Dog With The Human Face, It’s Sending Everyone Crazy!

They say that our dogs take on characteristics of our owners, but this one doggie seems to have taken on a human face, can you believe it! Well when you mix a poodle and a Shih Tzu, what do you get after all?

This doggie, called Yogi, has a striking resemblance, he really looks like he has a human face, his expression, and his deep feeling eyes too, it’s causing a real internet sensation.

You can see at the bottom that Twitter users have posted side by side pictures of Yogi and celebrities, amazing, who do you think he looks like? Tell us in the comments below we would love to know what you think…

Chantal Desjardins, who is Yogi’s owner said that the attention her lovely doggie is getting really shocked her, it was not at all expected.

She also oddly said that before all this happened she hadn’t paid attention to how he looks on his face and hadn’t even noticed the resemblance!


Chantal said, about the whole experience:

“The crazy part is, I shared it on my Facebook back in December and it was just put on Reddit last week.”

“My favorite comment that I saw was Nicolas Cage dressed up like an Ewok, which, I’m like, ‘I get that.'”

Some people, of course, have expressed the opinion that they think the dog’s face has been manipulated in some way to look like this, but Chantal firmly asserts that the pictures are true pictures of her dog!

She does admit though that the level of amazement and skepticism is completely understandable…

She said:

“I get why people see it in some pictures…”

She explained to the Media that her doggie, Yogi, was bought from a local breeder and that she also has another doggie, a shihpoo who she called Darla, what a lovely name!

Chantal said, about Darla:

“She tolerates him …All he does is try to play with her and she doesn’t have it. (He’s a) very typical puppy.”

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