Dog In A Hot Car – Argument Outside A Store Caught On Video

We love our dogs, for sure, but not only our own dogs, we also deeply care for the welfare of other dogs too, all these beautiful creatures need protecting, right?

Well this story, and the emotions of just one of those situations, clearly show how passionate we dog lovers can be about the care of dogs.

The intense confrontation was caught on camera and was all about a vehicle being left with the dog locked inside it in a southern Ontario parking.

It happened outside the store at Guelph, southwestern Ontario and Connor Beebe wrote his version of what happened on that day in a Facebook post.

He also posted the video which shows what happened and the moments that the dog’s owner returned to the car, then the argument that followed.

Connor said that one of the windows in the vehicle was left open, just a tiny bit, only just enough that he could slide his arm through the opening and open the vehicle door.

There was a huge argument between the people that took the dog from the piping hot car and the owner of the dog…

Connor wrote:

“The dashboard was hot to the touch, and the dog was panting the entire time”

Connor says that he was with the dog around 5 minutes before the dog owner came back to his car, this was after the store pages the owner to return to his car, they knew what was going on of course.

Connor insists in his case, telling the man that keeping his dog in a hot car is “not OK” at all and also telling him to feel the heat coming from the dashboard of his car.

The guy said:

“You just mind your own business. It’s my dog”

Then the guy threatens to call the police and have Connor charged for trespassing.

The dog’s owner begins walking back to the store with his dog, but then seems to change his mind and turn around again…

He says to Connor that he:

“…messed with the wrong [expletive] person.”

Then he, again, then turns back around then marches towards the store’s entrance.

The temperatures in Guelph reached about 80F that day, Connor says the humidity made it feel much more like it was actually 91F when he took the dog from the sweltering vehicle.

The Guelph Humane Society Officials say that they have seen the video but have not currently received any official complaints related to the particular incident.

Animals should never be left in hot cars – not even if they have water and windows are left open…

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