Dog Hit By Truck, But Then The Vet Discovers Something Else!

As fellow dog lovers, we think that you might agree with us, that BB guns are possibly one of the worse things invented, at least for those people who can’t exercise a bit of adult restraint or responsibility, but this doggie had more problems than just a BB gun…

Daisy, a basset hound was sadly shot with a BB gun and hit by a truck, she is only still with us now because of the amazing human capacity for love that some great and wonderful people still have!

She did have a really close brush with death though nonetheless, however, the good people who saved her remind us all how wonderful us human beings can actually be, after all, at least some of us!

A woman, called Christina, was driving along “Jack Williams Road” in Wilmer, it was a Sunday and she witness what happened, she saw a truck hit the dog!

She said:“It’s good to see you today baby girl …The dog had almost made it across the road when he hit her tail end. He had time to stop and he didn’t.”


It was really cold and wet too, but Christina battled for 30 minutes to get Daisy in her car…

She said:

“She was very scared and shaking. But once she was inside my car she fell right to sleep… Like she knew she was rescued and going to be okay.”

Christina went to the vet with Daisy, it was the vet who then discovered that not only has she got an injured leg, but she had been shot ‘several’ times with what the vet identified to have been a BB gun!

Christina then said: “When I saw that I was just heartbroken.”

Daisy has a lot of recovering to do, thankfully she is in good hands, she is with an animal foster carer called Rosemary Koval.

Rosemary said, laughing:

“My husband has been singing to her … You ain’t nothing but a hound dog crying all the time.”

“Dogs need love… and she hasn’t had that … so this is all new to her.”

Daisy is getting better and better all the time and she most certainly has a lot more love to give one lucky family who decided to adopt her!

Rosemary said:

“Dogs have miraculous healing abilities. They heal very quickly and they seem to always be able to forgive human beings even though they have had immense cruelties done to them.”

Christina went on to say that she feels really happy about seeing the improvement in Daisy and how much love and attention she is getting!

If you are reading this story maybe you could help out your local rescue by volunteering, being a foster carer, or adopting a dog in need, but if you’re really short on time, maybe simply consider a small donation…

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