Dog Taken At Gun Point While On Way To Be Neutered For New Owner, Then The Truth Comes Out!

To adopt a dog is a wonderful thing, but to adopt a dog then straight after that to have those hopes and expectations and all that excitement turn into disappointment, sadness, and despair…

That’s just what happened to an employee of the South Suburban Humane Society, she was excited to adopt Polly a 1-year-old bulldog puppy…

She loved her squishy face and her gentle nature, Sarah Spokes was devastated to have lost this little beauty of a puppy before she even got her home!

The puppy had to be neutered before she took her home, the nearby clinic was set to do the operation, the van was loaded up with dogs to go to the clinic but on the way there something happened…

The driver of the van, also an employee of the shelter, claimed that he saw a dog in distress, tied to a post, as he stopped he was held up at gunpoint and demanded he gave up Polly!


The shelter couldn’t quite get to grips with his story, the cops had no clue why Polly or the shelter would be targeted like this, it all seemed quite surreal and bizarre!

There were quite obvious holes in the driver’s story, he couldn’t quite describe the dognapper or what he looked like, it really doesn’t add up!


The authorities say that, in fact, it was the shelter worker that was behind the dog-napping all the time, he made up the whole story and gave the dog to his friend, he confessed to the cops!

Polly is now safe and warm in her rightful place at her home, she is with her new owner.

Its all very disappointing that somebody could do a thing like this, but thankfully Polly and Sarah are now super happy together!

Everyone is at least grateful that the employee had the conscience to confess to his crime and do the right thing in the end.

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