He Took His Dog To The Shelter. When A Stranger Notices This – She Takes A Photo … Guess What Happened!


A middle-aged man recently dropped his young dog off at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, TX — but the reason he did so left the Internet aghast.

The man claimed he was dumping the white and black Blue heeler and Irish Setter because “she always wants to be by my side.” Say what?! Of course, there were other reasons.

She ate his sofa, chewed his cushions… but no one could get past his complaint that Jubilee was simply too affectionate. Because she loved too much.

So, at just 1 year old, Jubilee found herself without a home and in a shelter. She was confused, frightened, and in desperate need of a family who would accept her. Thankfully, her story went viral, if for no other reason than her previous owner’s surprising and disheartening complaint.

While he was widely criticized, Jubilee became an in-demand dog.

Read on to see why everything happens for a reason…

This is Jubilee (in the video below). Beautiful, sweet, and a fur ball of love. But her owner decided he couldn’t handle Jubilee’s need for affection and closeness. So, he recently dropped her off at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, TX.

People were shocked by his claim that he didn’t want her anymore because “she always wants to be by my side.”

The man let go of the leash and left the shelter, uncertain of the dog’s fate.

As Jubilee was being surrendered, a bystander snapped the above photo and posted it to Facebook. She could tell the dog was riddled by anxiety and completely confused when her owner walked away.

The Internet quickly banded together; more than 35,000 people read and shared her story on Facebook!

Within 24 hours, animal lovers bombarded the shelter hoping to adopt Jubilee.

The day after Jubilee was dropped off at the shelter, a woman named Samantha became the pup’s lucky new mom.

While Jubilee’s previous owner gave her up because of her clinginess, it was her affection that Samantha found so endearing. “It touched me. She loved so much,” Samantha told the Huffington Post. “I knew I was supposed to have her.”

And then, something else incredible happened. Two other families who came looking to adopt Jubilee ended up adopting two different dogs that day.

Jubilee’s family now includes Samantha, their other rescue dog named Abby, and Samantha’s mother and teenage son.

To help Jubilee with her anxiety and emotional issues, the family is planning to work with a trainer. They’re happy to do whatever it takes to make sure the pup comfortably settles into her new home.

In the end, Samantha feels grateful that Jubilee’s owner brought her to the shelter, and was honest about why he was leaving her there. After all, it’s because of this that Jubilee found the right home.

Everything happens for a reason, and Jubilee’s story is amazing proof. Thank God she’s found her rightful home. Please SHARE this story with your friends on Facebook!


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