Little girl screams, ‘I’m ready!” That’s when a game of hide-and-seek begins!

In this delightful video, a tiny girl has hidden somewhere in the backyard. Her beloved companion waits inside, attentive to the voice of his little owner.

“I’m ready!” comes the excited, high pitched voice. And that’s what the dog has been waiting for. He spins on his heels and in a flash he’s outside.

The gorgeous day is a perfectly fashioned backdrop for the game they have obviously played more than a time or two.

As soon as the dog hears those special words—“I’m ready!”— he starts the game. It is apparent that he enjoys hide and seek with his little mistress.


Out into the sunshine he gallops and then just as quickly, he pauses.

You can almost see the question marks over his head as he looks around for the girl. Nope! Not here! Maybe over there!


The Newfoundland dog may be familiar to you as Nana, the babysitter dog from Peter Pan.

He is a sweet tempered dog who famously loves children.


With a naturally gentle and friendly disposition, he is also quite protective. His fans say he really is a natural-born baby sitter!

One of the “giant breeds” of dogs, female Newfies can weigh 100-120 pounds, and the males up to 150 pounds.


Even though he is a calm, rather placid dog, he still needs daily exercise. This one has found a delightful way to combine exercise and play.

In the backyard, he’s still searching places his little girl might be hiding.

He is intelligent, and there’s not much he can’t be trained to do.


When this lovable Teddy Bear finally discovers the little one’s hiding place, the licking begins.

Happiest when with his family, he is fortunate not to be left alone or banished to a kennel or the backyard by himself.


No, it’s obvious that he and his little cohort have more plans together.

You’ll love seeing this video and participating in the hunt for the little girl.


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