This Dog Was Freezing In The Balcony Of A16-Floor Apartment- What Happened Next? Incredible!

Last Wednesday, someone spotted a dog which was left on the balcony of a Toronto high-rise while the temperature was sub-zero!

It’s really hard for something like that to go unnoticed especially in a place like Liberty village, which a neighborhood that’s crammed with condos.

Residents spotted the dog who was trying to get inside the apartment which was on the 16th floor, he kept scratching and clawing at the balcony door but with no luck.

His howls were loud enough for someone in the neighborhood to hear, and a picture of him was taken and posted to the neighborhood’s Facebook page.


It seemed like the dog’s owner was not in the building. It wasn’t looking good, everyone could see the dog’s agony but no one could help him. By the time the picture was posted, the dog had been in that situation for over 45 minutes.

However, when this picture was posted, things started taking a turn for the good. Hundreds of people started commenting, they were outraged and called for an action to be taken, and there were a lot of different suggestions.

You can see how the story started taking turns and twists in the comments section:


It was clear that some were very persistent: calling the humane society, police, animal control and the building’s concierge.


It’s the power of people getting together, what a great community!


They didn’t even know the dog’s name, or who the owner was, yet they were doing everything they could to save the dog.

At the end, all their efforts paid off as one police officer was flagged down outside the building, he took some time to investigate but at the end brought the dog inside.

However, that’s not even the best part.

This great community has seen in this dog’s situation how this sort of tragedy can easily happen to any other pet, leaving a dog on the balcony of a 16-th floor apartment is not something that they want to see happening again.

One day later, the president of the Liberty Village Residents Association, Todd Hofley, announced a proposal for a new rule in condos:

“I will bring forward a potential template for pet owners that stipulates if there is reasonable belief that their pet is in immediate and life threatening danger because of getting outside that the condominium corporation has the right to enter the unit and bring the animal inside,” he wrote on Facebook.

As for the poor pooch who was left in the freezing, sub-zero temperature?


We admire what the good people of this neighborhood are trying to do with their proposal, if you want, you could make a similar proposal to your local residents’ association to make sure that no animal is left out to freeze in the cold.