Dog Found With Tape Bound Round His Mouth – He Was Just Training Him!?

Training a Dog is a talent, to be done properly and with respect for the animal, it a symphony between dog and owner to be approached properly, but this guy from GUTHRIE, Oklahoma, has a different idea about dog training…

Ricky Cox, the owner of the dog, was found with his dog at home, she was tied up in the yard and her mouth taped shut the poor doggie…

His owner just seems to think it’s normal and just another form of training!

The Police say he is torturing the dog, but the owner religiously sticks to his ‘innocent’ explanation of what is going on.

Ricky Cox said to the news:“She needs to be home with me is where she needs to be”

She Was Found With Tape Around Her Mouth Chained To This Fence!

Ricky told the news that he hasn’t seen his dog for weeks after the police took him to jail for what they found.

Ricky went on to say: “I would never do anything to hurt my dog.”

However, the authorities maintain their position. When they found the doggie initially she was chained to a fence in Ricky COx’s yard with tape firmly wrapped around her mouth!

Guthrie Police Department officials said:

“They took possession of the dog and took it to a vet who removed the tape, and they could tell the tape had been there for some time and it had removed some of the hair.”

The tape left wounds around the doggies’s mouth like you would expect would happen if you were inhumane and cruel enough to tape an innocent animal’s mouth like this!

Watch the video at the bottom of this article to see more detailed photos and an account from both the police and Ricky Cox.

Ricky Cox.

Ricky said: “I didn’t know another way to keep her from barking constantly. I was only going to do it for like five to 10 minutes and I think that would have worked.”

Ricky went on to describe that he used painter and decorator tape so not to hurt her mouth, but as we already know it most certainly did cause pain and damage around her mouth!

Ricky’s excuse for this, he said:

“When she scraped the tape off of her face, they don’t know their strength, and she scraped her face is what she did.”

The arrest affidavit described that the tape that was around the dog’s mouth looked like it had been there much longer than a day…

Scars that were left from the tape around her mouth…

But Ricky said:

“That is a lie. That is a pure lie. She ain’t even been out there 10 minutes”

The police won’t release her back to him, and are looking for the best situation for the dog, she will stay in foster care until the conclusion of the case, then they can have an official a decision to support any action.

Ricky’s final words were:

“This was between me and my dog and I wasn’t trying to hurt her. I love my dog, Missy, and she loves me”

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