Dog Found On The Side Of The Road With Her Eyes And Mouth Glued!

One common and terrible thing we hear of, about glue, is when someone has an accident with glue, but for someone to purposely glue a dog’s eyes and moth well that is really just despicable…

She was abandoned with her eyes and mouth glued closed, she was really struggling when they found her, she was on the side of the road by the Oaklawn area, poor doggie!

She has been named Glory and she is a terrier mix breed after she was rescued she had to spend many days with the emergency vet!

It is really going to take quite some time for her to fully recover from her ordeal though, no surprise!

It was literally her fight to survive that kept her going through it all and that’s exactly where her name came from ‘Glory’!

She is quite energetic considering what she has been put through, both the glue on her and the awful process of releasing her from the glue!

Now she is recovering well, eating well, playing with everyone and generally being a sweet and playful doggie with her foster carers!

terrier mix

Mark Claeys the foster carer says:

“She is just a bundle of love and energy really …She wants to play with our dogs so bad but she scares them she’s so energetic!”

Mark Claeys tells us that the nine-month-old mix breed terrier is really well behaved but so incredibly full of energy, it’s amazing!

It has not always been that way though, Glory was fighting for her life not that long ago, at the side of the road, the poor girl!

Thanks go to a good samaritan that found her all bruised and glued up, mouth and eyes, she now has a chance at a real life with love and a loving home.

Mark said: “A tragic beginning, but a happy ending I hope.”

Kasey Breidenthal, A Beauties and Beasts Volunteer said:

“She’s got some skin to grow back and some regular healing as well, but she’s doing really well, she’s playful and doing great.”

Beauties and Beasts rescue group said that it will continue to help dogs like Glory around the world and continue to work with authorities to hunt down those responsible for animal abuse!

Kasey also said: “We really, just really need to find out who did this.”

It’s announced that: “Anyone with information about Glory please contact the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office.Beauties and Beasts are also offering a $2000 reward, also after PETA heard Glory’s story they are now also offering a $5000 reward for information leading to an arrest.”

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