Dog Found Clinging to Ice in the Middle of Frozen River !!!

Rescue Dog True Story: When a crew of sailors were pushing through some pretty thick ice in the frozen waters of the Volga River in Russia, they had no idea they were about to make an encounter that would change their lives forever!

In the distance, a small brown speck was seen splashing around in the slush. At first, it probably appeared to be nothing interesting, but as the captain drove his boat closer and closer, he was stunned to see that the brown speck was actually a dog!

This poor dog is clinging to the ice for dear life, moments away from full hypothermia, or even drowning, and this little guy can’t do anything but wait. Luckily, the boat slowly approaches the dog; and while it may seem painfully slow, that’s only so he doesn’t break the ice apart, which could cause the dog to lose his grip and slip underwater.

Amazingly, the sailor manages to grab the dog and pull him right out of the ice. The poor dog is in total shock, but thankfully he’ll survive. After getting some warm towels around him, a good pat-down, and some warm food, this dog might make a wonderful addition to this boat’s brave crew!

While there’s no known reason as to why or how the dog got himself in such a harrowing situation, luckily there’s this amazing video showing us how he got out of it!

Special thanks to World Breaking News for providing this incredible video!

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