Dog Found 2000 Miles From Home, Volunteers Relay Race Him Home!

Should you ever lose one of your pets, it’s certainly very regrettable, especially when they are your best friends too, but this story is far more than the ordinary, happy, but with a very mysterious twist too…

Jake the dog is the poor doggie that was lost or more accurately went missing, his family thought that all was lost but that was not the case at all…

Jake was from Arizona, he lived there with his family and is 7-years-old, he is a Coon-hound and by some miracle, he was found very well, but 2000 miles from where he went missing!

Jake was found roaming the streets of Pennsylvania by a lovely guy called Adam Herbaugh from Roaring Spring. Adam was out walking his dogs that’s were when he saw Jake.

Adam knew he couldn’t leave him there without any help and took him in. He took him straight to the animal hospital where they looked for an identification microchip, they were able to call the dogs’ owners…

The owners, his family, were very surprised and a little shocked too, Jake had been found in a very unlikely place, no one had any idea how had got so far away from him home, sadly his family had no way of making the journey to get him!

Thankfully the rescue group, ‘A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue’ stepped in and said they would help, how amazing it was they would do such a thing.

The organization rallied volunteers who could help drive Jake home, there were 20 different volunteers involved who all would make it possible, also very amazing, then the three-day relay delivery started!

Each volunteer would take Jake about 100 km and pass on to the next volunteer, the chain would get Jake home!

Across 9 states the 20 volunteers made around 30 stops and overnight Jake got closer and closer to home, to be finally reunited with his family, they could hardly wait to get him back!

Watch and see the amazing story below:

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