Dog Forced To Give Birth In An Airport

Giving birth in awkward places seems to be a thing that can easily happen to us humans, but for dogs, it’s not such a common thing, except for this one time…

This dog is a service dog and she unexpectedly needed to give birth to her lovely little puppies in this airport in Florida, well, when you need to give birth, what choice do you have?

They were on their way to Philadelphia, Diane Van Atter, and her stepmother with two dogs, both service dogs, that’s when it happened, Eleanor stared in labor.

They already knew that their dog was pregnant, and also that their other dog Nugget was the daddy, but what they didn’t know was that she was really ready to birth them right then and there in the airport.

Usually, dogs are pregnant for around the 65-day mark, and taking a dog on a flight after 45 days is really not the thing to do

Tampa Fire Rescue’s medical team came fast to the scene to help the expectant mother they were temporary veterinarians now, to help deliver the puppies all safely.

All in all, there were eight puppies born – seven boys then lastly one girl.

Watch the lovely and magical video below:

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