Alone And In Pain, Dog With A Football Sized Tumor Was Abandoned On The Streets

There are some pretty awful reasons why people abandon dogs but this is one really does take the cake, we are just completely amazed.

This poor doggie was in a sad and really down in the dumps but she still managed to give a little wag of her tail while the hospital treated her.

This mastiff-cross doggie was in such a terrible state that there was not anything that could be done, so in mercy and to save her any more suffering they put her to sleep.

During an investigation, they sought to find out who it was that abandoned this poor dog in the streets last weekend, in Liverpool in the UK.

An animal rescue group called the RSPCA had an officer, called Kelly Nix, who took the dog, who was really emaciated, to the charity’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, but she feared the worse from the very moment she saw the dog.

ACO Nix said:

“When I first saw her I could tell she was in a bad state. She was emaciated, had a tumor the size of a football on her stomach and two smaller ones, she couldn’t stand and was unable to hold her bladder.”

“The team at Greater Manchester Animal Hospital found she also had burned down the back of her legs consistent with her lying in her own urine for a long period.”

“During treatment, she kept fitting and, sadly, they were unable to save her so the decision was made to put her to sleep.”

“It was very upsetting as she was such a sweet-natured dog. Even though she was clearly in pain, she still responded to me stroking her with little wags of her tail.”

The dog was approximately nine-years-old, had no microchip, and there were no reports of missing dogs that matched her description either.

ACO Nix also said:

“It appears that someone just dumped her by this busy road in such a vulnerable state”

“What I find so disgusting is some callous person has had this dog as a pet and left her to get in such a state, without getting her veterinary treatment, and then simply dumped her in her hour of need.”

“I am sure someone must know who she belonged to and I am keen to find out who is responsible for dumping her.”

We hope that dog lovers and dog owners are stronger than ever this year, and even more future dog owners are also even stronger, and remember a dog is for life, not just Christmas.

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