So Desperate For a Home He Followed People On The Street Asking For Love, Then He Got Kicked!

Many places around the world have increasing homeless dog populations, especially South Africa! An amazing group of dog lovers wanted to do their part in helping them and started a “Dogbox Project”…

The project will help organizations all over the region by setting up kennels and distributing blankets and of course, much-needed food too.

The dogs that are homeless in South Africa are really cold sleeping at night, but with the cooperation of the group, things were about to greatly improve!

The volunteers at the Dogbox were all out doing their work when they saw a sweet little puppy, a stray of course.

One common theme with most strays in that they are really shy and for the sake of self-preservation had learned to be very cautious, but this sweet little puppy was not so shy at all!


He was following them around and would not give up, not for a moment, they realized that the puppy would go to anyone that was kind to him, he really was that needing of a safe loving home…

It was a moment that was not only amazing, sweet and breathtaking, what this little puppy had seemed to realize, but it was also heartbreaking to see him follow everyone, a little-lost puppy…

Scribble is what they decided to call him, and he walked with a limp. The vets said that it looked like people had been kicking him!

It seemed to be that this little angel had followed people around in desperation and one or more people had turned and kicked him, how vile can you get?

We are so happy that even though he had a limp his leg will heal and he will be just fine, but there was some work to do yet to make his life whole.

They took him to meet the people at the Hills Nutrition and the Expreso Morning Show, the folks there loved him too!


The Morning show featured the lovely pup so that he would have a fighting chance at getting adopted and find his forever home, happily ever forever with a loving owner or family.


There was one family that really fell in love with Scribble, they had the sense that he was the doggier for them, that special one!


Now they are united together, Scribble will never again have to deal with the horrible unkindness of sole people kicking him, all he ever wanted was love and a home, and even better now he had a family too!

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