Dog finds box of stray kittens and adopts them as his own babies

Aragon had been on a walk in Ymittos, Greece with his human companion when he caught the scent of cats – well not really cats yet, but a box full of adorable kittens.

Sniffing further into the underbrush, Aragon came across the abandoned kitties mewing and crying out for help. How could he resist? After all Aragon was a rescued pooch himself, and could it be he fully understood the plight of the homeless and abandoned?

The dog’s owner happened to be a volunteer with a local rescue and brought the litter of black and white tiny cuties home.

According to the Facebook page and YouTube video courtesy of the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS), Aragon was quite protective of the box on the trip home. And surprise – surprise – Aragon assumed the doting foster parent role and watched each and every one quite closely while making sure he gave them the loving affection and guidance they needed to help them grow up to be gentle kitties.

Who would think a male, neutered dog wanted to be a surrogate father, but Aragon certainly takes his job seriously and most likely will be very selective as the kittens now are ready for adoption.

Don’t be surprised if Aragon comes to the door with a clipboard and questions anyone wanting to adopt one of his foster babies.

According to the organization’s Facebook page, boxes of abandoned kittens are not unusual in Ymittos. Unfortunately, not all abandoned baby kittens have been lucky to have been rescued. Volunteers find empty boxes; more than likely a predator grabbed the defenseless little ones first. No matter where anyone lives, spay and neuter your pets. It’s the right thing to do!

The kittens are ready for their forever homes. If you wish to adopt them, please email SCARS at: or message the charity’s Facebook page. Donations are always welcome (PayPay): Huge thanks to Frieden fur Pfoten  for always being there for our rescues.


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