Dog Fiercely Protects Pregnant Owner – Amazing

This normally non aggressive dog completely changed when his owner became pregnant.

He goes into a super protective mode when people try to touch her belly! This loyal pet gives a new definition to the phrase ‘guard dog’ as he watches over his pregnant owner and attacks her boyfriend any time he tries to lay a hand on her baby bump.

Video footage shows the woman’s partner trying to get close to her but being warned off by the dog – referred to in the video as Tebow — as he barks, stands on two legs and bites to keep him away. 

All dogs need to be socialized from an early age and must learn to accept strangers in their property and near their owners. Allowing them to be over protective may make them be a big liability. Many times dogs may become protective of children. While this trait may not really appear as a defect, it becomes so, if the dog becomes protective when not necessary. These dogs may resort to growling and biting even when people with good intentions come too close. At times, dogs become protective when owners are sick or frail. I have seen some dogs became suddenly protective when the owner got pregnant. These dogs will stick near their pregnant owner and even block people from coming too close.

Whichever the scenario,a dog should not be encouraged to become over protective of its owner as this may translate into aggression and even biting. Even dogs sent to protection training are taught to clearly understand the difference between a real threat and something that is not harmful.These well trained dogs will not aggress if a friend comes over and hugs you. Protection dogs trained by pros are often excellent with kids. Indeed, protection dogs must have a sound temperament in order to excel. Training a weak-nerved dog to be protective is an accident waiting to happen.

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