Dog Dumped On The RoadSide Caught On Video, Now Finally Finds Love

We feel sad and happy at the same time, this lovely dog was abandoned by her owner by the roadside, but eventually did the right thing, now she has a good home and can feel happy…

This dog, KD now really doesn’t’ like too long without affection love and hug, but who can blame her with what she has been through!

Reagan Henderson her adopted mo said:“She usually nudges our hand or gives us a sweet kiss on the face to remind us she is there …All she wants to do is love on people and be loved.”

Now in her lovely new home is just exactly how dog ownership should be, but she had a bit of a bad start before she found such love…

She was abandoned around the beginning of August by her former owner, it was really sad to watch the surveillance footage of the moments she was left, it brought a tear or two to my eye!

It was a long stretch of the Dallas road, a place where animals are frequently abandoned, you can see the man take her out of the back of his car attached to a long chain.

The man takes her to the side and leaves her, without any hesitation and quickly gets back in his car to get away and never look back…

Then we see another video, this time it’s where the rescuers find her, they came from the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission and monitor the area for pets, alive and dead.

The organization also gathers evidence about these crimes committed when the pets are abandoned and do their best to get justice too.

They found her in the woods right next to the road, she was stuck as the chain her become tangled in branches and she was trapped there, unable to move far from that spot.

Much later on in September the person responsible for abandoning her stepped forward and did the right thing finally, but authorities had to issue a warrant for his arrest before he did, Gorge Spears, the driver can now be dealt with.

He said that the dog had belonged to his sister, but that she was having a hard time taking care of the dog and that he had said that the dog was better off by the roadside than in a shelter!?

Gorge has, of course, been charged with animal cruelty for this terrible and illegal decision, thankfully as this was all going on KD found a forever home with a loving family!

Her new owner, Henderson said:

“She was so sweet; we both knew we had to get her”

The couple didn’t know about her past, but they loved her and wanted to take her home, and give her a lot of love and really make life special!

Henderson also said:

The dog is… “one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met …KD is so loving and brings so much happiness into our lives …She is just so grateful to have people loving on her all the time.”

See the full rescue below, we are so happy KD has such a great loving home, what a happy ending for such a sweet and lovely dog!

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