Dog Dragged and Beaten – Brutal Biker Still At Large, The Hunt Is On.

Fact is often stranger than fiction, or at least so we are told, well this incident certainly proves that is the case when we hear about what happened to this dog…

Many people including animal advocates are searching for the culprits of this horrific incident involving a dog and a motorbike…

This poor dog was not only beaten but dragged attached to a bike too, we really hope they catch the guy…

The Detroit Pit Crew reported that they received frantic calls on Wednesday afternoon from almost a dozen neighbors on Detroit’s west side, Beard Street near Chatfield.

The callers all said the same thing, they saw a guy riding a bike while dragging an approximately 8-year-old dog brutally, across the street…

The dog had an extension cord lashed around his neck, and this German Shepard Mix, now called Justice was lucky to still be alive!

Detroit Pit Crew, Theresa Sumpter, said:

“We would like to see someone go to jail for this”

Linda Hoskins, a witness, said:

“For someone to do that to an animal doesn’t have a heart or a soul”

Linda saw the whole sordid and horrific abuse as it happened, with several other neighbors, and called the police and the animal control too.

Linda went on to say:

“He kept hitting the dog with the bike …He kept yelling at it get up come on let’s go.”

The Veterinary Hospital Owner Dr. Gary Duchan said about Justice that he had some arthritis in his back, but if it wasn’t for the thick fur he had it could have easily cost him his life!

The thick fur really did save his skin from severe and nasty wounds that would have resulted from such awful treatment he got that day from the as yet unidentified biker.

Even more surprising the vets found another hidden injury, it was discovered that he had a bullet in his abdomen too.

The vet said:

“He is doing remarkably well thank God …He seems like a really nice dog.”

Witnesses say the guy on the bike who did this to the dog was a white male in his late 40s with a shaved head or very thin hair, about 5 feet, 8 inches and around 180 pounds.

He was wearing a white T-shirt and had noticeable marks on his face.

Everybody concerned really wants justice for Justice and hope that the biker can be identified, the Detroit Pit Crew are even offering a $2,000 reward to help find the guy and get justice for this poor innocent dog…

Justice we hope you find a loving and forever home to enjoy some love and great times in your final years!!

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