The Dog On The Doorstep, We Hope You’re In Peace At The End Of Your Rainbow!

One very sad day, in Charleston, South Carolina, a doggie was taken to the rescue center by the local animal control, to the Charleston Animal Society…

She was found by a good caring person who discovered her on a doorstep at Johns Island and made the call to get help for her.

The dog was injured and had been dropped off by someone who didn’t seem to care less! She had used the very last of her energy and life to crawl onto the step hoping that someone would discover and help her…

When she was finally found she didn’t even have the energy to stand up. She was called Tarana and her sores from either a C section or being sprayed were very evident. Injuries to her rear legs were really deep, so deep that the tendons in her legs were showing!

The vets really hoped that she would pull through but it wasn’t meant to be, her injuries were too severe and her life and will too far gone, sadly the only choice left was to help her to pass away pain-free…


Charleston Animal Society Facebook posted to Facebook:

“It is with a heavy heart that we let you know that Tarana, the dog who was brought to us emaciated and unable to stand with grave wounds on her legs and abdomen was peacefully put to sleep.”


“Her prognosis was looking worse and it was decided by her veterinary team to end her suffering. Based on our observations, we suspect she suffered from cruelty and are continuing our efforts to seek justice for her. RIP Tarana #justiceforTarana#adoptatcas”

The authorities have launched a criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death and to find out what actually happened, let’s all hope they find some justice for her.


Rest in peace Tarana at the end of the Rainbow, we will say a prayer for you!

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