Dog Doomed To Death Sentence, Owner Will Not Give Up On Him!

We are completely passionate about our pets, and no like us dog owners, Luke just proves this eloquently and passionately in his battle to save his dog from its demise…

The doggie in question is called Titan, he is a brindle and white American Staffordshire terrier, and very gorgeous too.

He has been trapped in the New Plymouth pound for a period of over 10 months, sat on a list to be put to sleep after a judge ordered his termination.

His owner, Luke Leatherby is standing up and appealing to the High Court to have the decision overturned and save his beloved dog’s life.

Luke said:

“We don’t look at him as a pet, he is family …He’s always been there, he’s a little guardian. You can’t just turn your back on him. There’s too much love for him.”

The Judge, Chris Sygrove’s ruling, was to end Titan’s life last month and was all because of a terrible incident back in December 2017.

It happened in the main street and Titan escaped from his home with Luke and rushed at three adults, part of the group was a police officer, sadly it was an unsecured gate he got through.

Titan was not registered and along with his lunge at the group of people, and that he tried to bite two of them, is sealed his fate in the court.

Luke says his dog, who he has loved and owned since the age of 12 weeks old was not actually aggressive at all.

Titan had been around children when he was raised other animals too, also Flemish, a giant rabbit of his former partner, used to breed, without any problems at all.

He genuinely thought that the order to terminate the dog was hasty and heavy-handed, considering he had not actually bit anyone either.

Luke said that if Titan had bitten anyone then he would have felt like the decision was at least based on a more solid assumption about the dog.

Luke said:

“I was like ‘no, no, no, you got it wrong, you got it wrong” … “It’s just been heartbreaking.”

The court’s judgement was based on a written report by the prosecuting agency, the New Plymouth District Council.

The report was written by an experienced dog trainer which highlighted concerns about the dog’s aggressive behavior and its lack of bonding with animal control staff.

Was this a generic statement they made? We do wonder what they based this on, wouldn’t you?

Luke was convicted and fined a total of $900 on the three rushing charges and $200 for failing to register Titan.

Luke, of course, was willing to comply and felt awful about the whole incident and even said that he was prepared to hand over ownership of the dog to his mother if the court required this.

His love for his pet went over many years and he felt a hole inside where the love joy with his Titan one was, he is devastated.

Luke said:

“I refuse to give up on him”

A date for Luke to appear in the High Court has yet to be given, he must battle on for the moment even longer…

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