Only Twelve Weeks In Jail For Abuser Who Left One Dog To Die, While Others Were In An Awful State


A horrific tale, that if you didn’t know was true you wouldn’t believe, this man was jailed for twelve weeks after he committed this neglect to his starving dogs, found in a condition that really is beyond belief!

One of the dogs was called Heidi, sadly she had already died when the RSPCA had discovered her, she was rotting on the floor of the kitchen, even as I write the words I can’t quite believe what happened, only twelve weeks?

Locked up in a cage, helpless, covered in her own excrement that she could escape in the confined cage, with awful eye injuries was Dairylea…

There where two more dogs found in the cupboard that was under the stairs, and another, the fifth, locked up in an outside shed.

The guy was sentenced to twelve weeks in prison as well as being banned from having animals for 10 years, his name is David McKayle, 31, from Abingdon Road in Fishponds, in the magistrate’s courts on 7th November.

The court found him guilty of a total of five offenses from the ‘Animal Welfare Act 2006’, even though he was absent at the hearing in back in May.

The RSPCA were contacted by a member of the public who had concerns, back in December 2016, they saw a dog in an outdoor shed with trash all around him.

The RSPCA inspector was completely shocked by the number of dogs they found in different places and all in an awful state!

He said:

“Pluto was shut in the shed outside, Heidi was sadly lying dead on the kitchen floor, Lulu and Man were shut in the cupboard under the stairs, and Dairylea was locked in a cage in the house sat in her own excrement.

“It was horrific to see the four surviving dogs helplessly struggling in such horrendous conditions.

“The neglect they were forced to suffer could have been easily avoided but they were simply left without the care they needed and deserved.

“Dairylea was so underweight her bones were showing and she had an horrendous eye injury that had been left untreated. It’s heartbreaking to think of them starving and in pain.

“Thankfully Pluto, Dairylea, Man and Lulu have all made a brilliant recovery and have found loving new homes where they are now thriving.

“I’m pleased with the sentence Mr McKayle has received and just hope that this sends out a strong message to others that owning animals is a big responsibility and neglecting animals in your care is an offense and can lead to a prison sentence.”

The owner was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering and failing to investigate weight loss in the dogs and failing to provide veterinary care to the dogs, he was also found guilty of not giving the dogs a suitable environment to live in.

Thank goodness, and thank you to the member of the public who came forward, now these doggies could have a second chance at life…


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