Dog Dangles From Window By The Neck, Just Because He Soiled!

This poor sad pet dog was happily rescued from somewhere in South China after it was seen dangling, tied to a window with a short rope, lashed around its neck!

The poor pet was at the but end of a punishment from his owner, for soiling the house, it was said that animal rights workers and volunteers discovered the dog in Guangzhou, Guangdong province in this state.

These utterly heartbreaking images and footage, shows the light beige colored doggie lased by the throat to the window grille, of all things by a super short rope, then left like this in the back yard area, poor dog couldn’t even lie down!

The released footage emerged on the Thursday on news channels, you can clearly see that the dog’s front legs are wrapped up in the rope too, poor doggies not even able to lie down or take a drink of water, that’s if he had any water to drink!

This was one tired and traumatized doggie indeed, panting, struggling and barking to call for help from anyone that would listen.

Neighbors were really quite worried about the dog and thankfully reported it to a local animal rights group, they in turn sent some volunteers to the residential address, to investigate.

One of the volunteers said that the dog had been kept, barely, in awful conditions without proper food or water, seems like it was a miracle he was alive!

They freed the dog from the rope, but the dog was so incredibly weak that it couldn’t even lift its head up to take a drink of water.

They tried to take the dog away, however as they were taking the dog, suddenly the owner showed up and tried to stop them, he said to the volunteer that, the dog was being punished because he soiled in his home…

The volunteers from the rescue group then negotiated with the owner, who agreed to let them take the dog to the vet for a health check.

PETA Asia press officer, Keith Guo, scorned then whole ordeal, he really criticised the owner’s brutal actions, but he really voiced what any reasonable person would think.

He said:

“No dogs should have to live in fear …The selfish and cruel owner should be banned from keeping any pets.”

“For the sake of the animal’s well-being, PETA strongly suggests him to give up the puppy and allow animal rights volunteers to take better care of it”

“Tethering or chaining up the animal will not solve any behavioural problems. It would only cause more aggression. Patience and positive reinforcement are more effective”

Although China does has laws that safeguard wildlife, land and sea, it really is still lacking in being able to adequately protect the welfare of animals and prevent cruelty.

According to Human Rights, in China, who are a Chinese non-governmental organisation based in New York, there is a “draft Law on the Protection of Animals”, and also a “draft Law on the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals”.

These drafts look to impose fines on people upto 6,000 yuan, that’s about $895, and includes the provision to detain for two weeks those that are guilty of animal cruelty, but since 2009 when these were drafted nothing has happened since!

We hope that public pressure, continually, will begin to get laws like this actionable, not just on the drawing board….

Watch the full story below!

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