What This Dog Does For His Dad Who Fainted On The Streets Touches Everyone!

This is a story that is both lovely and heartwarming, it shows us that are doggie friends are really man and woman’s best friend! This dog stayed by its owner’s even after they fainted on the streets of China.

The pet wriggled in despair and patted its owner’s head gently with its paws.

People looking oversaw the what was happening and captured it on their mobile, the paramedics were on the way there!

The news channel Kan Kan said that the incident came about near Fangcheng county in Nanyang, Henan Province, on 18 October, but the footage of the whole thing was only released publicly by the media on 6 November!

In the video footage, you can see the man, who had on a padded jacket, on the floor not moving and seemingly unconscious. This beautiful beige dog, maybe a golden retriever, is pictured right next to the man, all the time it wagged its tail and was kissing his owners head!

The dog lifted its paw up and patted the owner on his head, he was trying to wake up his best friend. Onlookers in the meantime went ahead and called for an ambulance, while onlookers continued to film the moment.

It is still not clear why the man had fallen unconscious on the floor in the streets, maybe we will never know!

The clip was posted and shared at ‘Weibo’, a Chinese social media site, web users were both deeply touched and happy to see the love of this lovely dog.

One said:

‘The man means everything to the dog, and that’s why the dog was so worried to see its master passing out on the floor,’ said one web user ‘jianyasuen’.

Many others noticed that it really does, after all, prove that dogs are mans best friend!

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