Scared Dog Found On Road, Instead Of Number, She Found The Most Heartbreaking Message On Her Tags!

One of the worse things I could imagine when driving is an animal running in front of the car, this nightmare came true for Payden Trujillo one cold cold January night…

About two years ago Payden was driving in the snow, In fact, the highway was completely covered by snow. A dark figure ran in front of her car before she could even blink!

Luckily Payden braked just in time, a super fast reaction, and managed to dodge the thing that shot out in front of her. She stopped and got out of the car to see what it was.

That flash of something, that shot out turned out to be a young doggie, very skinny, cold and terrified…

Payden got some food from her car, she had some snacks in her car, it very fortunate, and was able to coax the dog into her car!

scared dog

Payden took the dog to her father’s house, she hoped that maybe the owners of the dog were looking for her and they could be found quite easily, plus she saw tags so she looked to see if the dog had some useful information on those tags on her collar.

To her surprise instead of finding a phone number or a name, there was another message on the tags!

The message said:

“My name is Lilly if you found me please keep me. My family can’t and I need love.”

scared dog

Mercedes Trujillo, Payden’s sister said:

“As soon as we saw it, we knew nobody was out there looking for her …There are quite a few no-kill shelters around that the owners could have dropped her off to, but instead they just left her. We couldn’t believe someone would throw out a dog like that.”

scared dog

Mercedes then knew that she needed to take in Lilly, her heart sunk for the poor doggie, pushed out in the cold to take her chances on her own!

Thankfully all she needed was a lot of love and sole food and a warm place to sleep and recuperate.

Mercedes said:

“She was really skinny and had frostbite on her paws, so she had to have been out there for some while …I wasn’t sure if she was even potty-trained because whenever she would eat or drink it went right through her.”

Lilly was starting to feel better, after a good few weeks of live cuddles and good food of course, but she was so scared of being on her own, she could not be left alone at all, she would stress and destroy the house in a frantic panic!

scared dog

Mercedes said:

“I was staying with family friends who finally said they couldn’t have her stay there anymore …Her separation anxiety was really bad at first, so we just kind of kept friend-hopping for a place to stay because nobody really wanted her in their house.”

Mercedes moved quite a bit, but the year she decided to move to her university’s campus she got special permission so she could have Lilly live there with her on campus!

Lilly really settled in there with her and was so happy she didn’t stress out so much she knew that Mercedes was always going to be there for her.

She was still really afraid of men though, Mercedes found a solution for that too, she got permission, from her professor, to have her in one of her classes, a class with a lot of guys there, to get accustomed to men.

Mercedes said:

“I’m thinking her former owner may have been a man, because, before, we couldn’t even pass by a guy without her lunging at him …Since I’m a mechanical engineer, I was surrounded by guys in my classes, so she sat with them and got to know them on her own terms.”

scared dog

Now Mercedes is on her second anniversary of the night she found Lilly, she is almost a completely different doggie! She is comfortable, happy and outgoing, a little curious and she adores going on outdoor adventures, she is the best hiking partner of all!

From playing games together and running on the beach to Hiking together there are really many different places Lilly and Mercedes go together, their recent move to California has really opened up the places they can go together!

scared dog

Just two weeks ago Lilly got a new friend, a sister called Ayla, a one-year-old greyhound mix breed who was adopted by Mercedes from the ‘The Barking Lot Rescue’ group.

Mercedes said: “Lilly really likes having a little sister …They have a ton of fun playing together.”

Lilly is now not afraid of anything anymore and is really to conquer the world, her best friends Ayla and Mercedes all together and all for one!

Mercedes said:

“Lilly is a complete 180 from the scared puppy she was two years ago …Now, all the people who didn’t want her in their houses are amazed at who she’s grown into. She’s such a good dog. But I honestly don’t feel like it took very much to get there — just a little time.”

scared dog

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