This Dog Bit a Cop. The Cop’s Reaction Sets An Example All Should Follow.

No one delights at the idea of having a dog chase them down, threatening to bite. In fact, it’s many people’s worst fear.

It’s hard to say how you might react when faced with that kind of danger, your body full of adrenaline, and your survival instinct kicking in.

That’s why, when Jillaroo lunged, things could have gone really badly

One day Geoff Wightman had to call the local Texas police over a disturbance in his neighborhood.

He was home with his four-year-old son and their Australian Shepherd, Jillaroo.

Australian Shepherds are known for a couple of things. They’re wickedly smart, fast, large-ish dogs that learn quickly.

They’re also super protective, especially of anyone that they perceive as a vulnerable member of their pack.

So when Texas Police Officer Randall Frederick showed up at the door to answer Wightman’s call, Jillaroo attacked.

Seeing an unfamiliar man approaching Wightman’s four-year-old triggered Jillaroo’s protective instinct, and she made a move to defend her territory.

Frederick was armed. But he didn’t react to Jillaroo in fear.

The cop, obviously familiar with dogs, immediately reacted by assuming a non-threatening stance, with hands out. He backed away from the little boy, showing that he was not a danger.

Rather than attack, Frederick chose to try to sooth Jillaroo.

Police protocol dictates that Frederick had to call in the wound so that Animal Control could check Jillaroo for rabies and other potential diseases, but after that, he made no additional moves to punish the dog.

When Wightman went online to try to find similar instances of police who were able to talk a dog down, he only found instances of tragedy. That’s why he wanted his story shared.

“I want everyone to know that in Round Rock, TX, we have some pretty darn fine police officers who do a job a lot of the time without much thanks or recognition,” said Wightman in a statement.

Darn fine, indeed.

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