Dog Beaten And Shot Twice Defending Teen, A True Hero!

We all like to think that when the moment comes in our lives we will setup up and be a hero, but for this doggie it was second nature, he fought off armed burglars to save his 16-year-old owner…

He has been recovering from his injuries and, at last, got to go home after his surgery, thank goodness!

He is called Rex and he is a 2-year-old German Shepard, he had been beaten and shot three times but he was determined to fight off the two bad men!

Javier Mercado said:“I could hear them getting closer and closer, the creak in the floor. Then one of the guys screamed, ‘Get the dog, the dog bit me, the dog bit me!’ “

“If it wasn’t for him, I don’t feel like I’d be standing here right now.”


He was rushed to the vets and into surgery and to the intensive care section, Rex’x family set up a GoFundMe Page so they could afford to give him the treatment he needed after being so brave and fearless!

The page setup to help fund his medical bills has raised about $60,000 since it was first created, how amazing of people to contribute like this!

The family also setup a Facebook Page from their doggie, Rex, to keep everyone updated about how he was doing and hos condition.

The wounded and brave doggie was released from the hospital about 2 days after his operation in the 23 February.

Rex’s teen owner said:

“He’s walking fine. He’s just very excited. He’s trying to lead the pack, trying to get in front of everyone.”

The Police are still hunting the two people responsible for the attack, who also shot Rex, sadly the family’s home was also burgeled again while they visited Rex in the animal hospital.

It was said that Javier Mercado’s mother planned to take Rex with them then move to a different area, and who could blame them, don’t you think?

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