Dog Used For Awful So Called Badger ‘Sport’ Left In Agony

Sometimes we really wish there was a worldwide license that you had to have to be able to own a dog, and that only good and kind dog owner could get a license, this is just how this story makes us feel!

The dog, called Snickers, a Patterdale terrier female, is now recovering after being used to bait badgers, she is unsurprisingly in a state…

She was found with some pretty awful injuries to her face, neck, and torso and dumped, of no further use to the abusers…

The people were doing something quite illegal, called badger baiting, not only is a terrible thing for both the dog and the badger, but it’s quite shocking too.

Wikipedia defines badger baiting as:“Badger-baiting is a form of animal sport in which badgers are baited with dogs. A baiting session typically results in the death of the badger, and possibly serious injuries to the dogs.”

It thought that Snickers was sent into a badger set, into the hole where they live in the ground, to cause badgers to come out so they can shoot or hit the badgers, to kill them.

After Snickers was rescued by the animal rescue group the RSPCA, they get a vet to look at her straight away at the Putney Animal Hospital.

She will definitely need surgery for her wounds, some of them are really quite severe and very open too, she will need stitches and antibiotics too.

Wil all she has been through though she is still a lovely and kind dog, the staff at the rescue center say they are very pleasantly surprised how kind and gentle she is.

RSPCA London Veterinary Director Caroline Allen said:

“Sadly it is going to be a long road to recovery for poor Snickers, she has multiple wounds and some are very deep.”

“Given the degree of infection we can’t think about suturing at the moment, and so at this stage, she is on intravenous fluids, pain relief, and antibiotics and we will be managing the wounds until we feel we can close them.”

“The wounds have been cleaned and flushed, some are relatively fresh, and are days or longer, but there do also appear to be older scars.”

“We are doing all we can at Putney to give Snickers a chance, but she is very weak and her poor body has already endured so much.’ In the last three years, the RSPCA has received almost 3,500 complaints about the persecution of wild animals, including badger baiting.”

Will Mitchell, the Chief Inspector, said:

“Poor Snickers is a prime example of the unimaginable cruelty inflicted not only on the wild animals themselves, but also the dogs involved.”

“These merciless attacks are happening throughout the UK, both in the depths of the British countryside as well as in the leafy suburbs.”

Sadly Snickers was not microchipped so there was no way to trace her history, we again believe that if all dogs could be microchipped how much better it would be for all dogs.

Poor Snickers must have felt so scared, forced down that hole to flush out the badgers, getting severely injured in the process, poor Snickers, and then the badgers too must have been so scared too

The RSPCA is asking anyone with information about this case to please come forward and help them, any information at all even anonymously would really help them with their enquires.

We hope that this terrible practice in the UK is absolutely stamped out, SHARE if you agree and let’s all help to show our support.

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