Dog At Drive-Through Starbucks Can Barely Wait For His Order

Stefanie Papasoff was next in line at a Starbucks drive-through, getting ready to grab her drink, when she noticed someone in the car ahead of her who was VERY excited to be there.

A little dog had stuck his head out the car window and was anxiously waiting. He seemed to know exactly what was about to happen, as if he’d done it many times before, and he simply couldn’t hide his excitement.

“He had his head out the window the entire time, watching intently at what was to happen next from the drive-through window,” Papasoff told The Dodo. 

Drive-Through Starbucks

Finally, the drive-through window opened and a barista appeared with a Puppuccino …

“He lapped it all up, he just went nuts for it,” Papasoff said. The lucky barista seemed just as excited as the pup as she watched him devour his well-earned treat.

Drive-Through Starbucks

“The best part was, the Puppuccino was the only thing the entire car ordered, it seemed,” Papasoff said. “I saw them get no other drinks/food — just the Puppuccino.”

It seemed that the dog’s family had waited in line at the drive-through for the sole reason of getting him a Puppuccino — and there’s no doubt that they made the right decision.

Drive-Through Starbucks

When the dog was finally finished with his treat, Papasoff pulled ahead to get her drink, still smiling. “The barista was just overwhelmed with joy,” Papasoff said. I asked them about it afterward, and they said that it was the best part of their job.

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