She Wouldn’t Let Anyone Capture Her, Alone In The Cold, She Was Waiting For Her Family To Return!

As much as we love our dogs sometimes they don’t know what is good for them, this is just the case here as the community in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania saw after they noticed this collie dog…

The dog was perhaps a collie mix breed and was very evasive with people, the dog was hanging around the local park this week. She was alone in the bitter cold weather.

No one could even get close to her, but people were really worried about her out there by herself in the cold, they contacted ‘Speranza Animal Rescue’, founded by Janine Guido, a well-known rescue organization.

Janine said: “She was staying in the same spot — as if waiting for her family to return. But they never did.”

Janine was reliant on the community to help her find dogs in need of rescuing when people reported them, she found them!

collie dog

Janine said:

“On the first and second day I went out I was able to hand-feed her …However, if I went to loop her with the leash she would back up.”

She was so close but then just as she would get really close to the dog, she would get spooked again, it was quite frustrating, seeing the dog shoot into the woods!

Her rescue center Facebook Page (Speranza) has helped to spread the story to all the locals who could help her to find the dog again.

She said on the page:

“Ever wonder what a dog dumped by her owners does? …Sits and watches. Waiting for her family to come back.”

collie dog

Janine said:

“The park was a highly populated area …And she kept getting spooked with all the people around. Eventually after others had tracked her through the woods she relocated.”

collie dog

When it got to Wednesday and there were no signs of her still people started to worry!

On Thursday morning, really early, the doggie was spotted sleeping under the back of the porch, Janine was called in and on her way there!

collie dog

Janine said:

“I almost had her but she got spooked yet again”

The doggie, Carla, ran off again!!

Just a few hours later Janine started a live Facebook stream on her Animal Rescue Page, no one knew what they were going to see or what they could expect was going to transpire.

The camera was pointed out of the driver’s side of the car, the car was moving down the road and Janine explained to viewers the struggle she had in the last few hours.

After Carla shot off Janine got another call just a few hours later again, saying that she had been seen again. Then the video swivels to the driver’s seat where you see Carla sat there!

Janine said:

“We got her! I’m so excited …Your new life has begun. You’re safe now and we love you.”

She told us her secret to the capture:

“I was able to have her follow me on to a porch …And the two other women blocked both entrances, so she could not escape. I leashed her and the rest is history.”

collie dog

She took the dog to the vet, she discovered that Carla was 10 years old without any microchip and was around 15-20 pounds underweight.

Janine said:

“No neighbors recognize her. No lost reports with police …Sadly, we believe she was dumped and that’s why she was staying in that same spot.”

collie dog

“She’s so sweet, just so scared …But once she was in my car it was like she knew she was safe!”

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