Dog Allegedly Beaten Down With A Baseball Bat For Defecating In His Crate Is Saved!

Baseball bats are great for playing baseball but their misuse over the years they have been in existence is truly awful, this one case we see here is just one of those examples….

This guy is charged with beating a dog with a baseball bat, at least according to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office…

It was reported that there as a dog being beaten by this guy with a baseball bat, a neighbor had seen it happening and been smart enough to record the evidence on his phone.

He sent the video of the abuse to the authorities, this is what was reported by the Butler County Dog Warden Supervisor Kurt Merbs.

The guy Clayton Sisco, 18, admitted that he was punishing the pitbull, called Duece because he had defecated in his crate which he was locked in, we feel so bad for the poor dog.

There were seven other pit bull mix breed dogs on the property too and these were also removed for their safety, thank goodness…

It’s a real miracle that the dog doesn’t have any serious injuries after his ordeal, poor Ducee is recovering now and beginning to feel a little better…

Merbs said:

“He is very friendly” about the lovely and kind dog he saw, called Ducee.

The Guy, Clayton is seen in the video clearly hitting the dog with the baseball bat, made from wood, the dog on his side tried to get up and run away from the terrible treatment…

The video is undeniable evidence and really helpful in these cases to really back up what was happening.

Merbs said:

“In this day and age, everyone has a phone. It shouldn’t take the place of call-ups but, if you have us coming and it continues, taking a video is really helpful”

So sad to see these things happen, but to raise awareness and clamp down of this kind of treatment for the sake of dogs, is really important!

Merbs said:

“It is kind of becoming more routine around here ..We are seeing more of it.”

The Guy was charged with misdemeanor cruelty to companion animals and was then also arrested for some outstanding warrants against him.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said:

“We love our animals in Butler County …This dog was obviously submissive and not deserving of the punishment.”

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