This Dog Absolutely Adores Him, He Even Pushes His Wheelchair Everywhere.

Our beloved dogs are with us forever, they stick by our side right to the end, but not only that they really do support us in every way that they can…

Life can be really difficult sometimes, but for sure, we can count on our dogs to give us that extra support 100% every day, without even thinking.

Danilo Alarcon and his dog Digong are one of these special cases where we can really see what our beloved dogs can do for us, out of love and loyalty, without question and with pleasure!

There was an accident a few years ago, involving a motorcycle and it left Alarcon unable to walk again, but then he found someone that really made his life so much better…

Alarcon and Digong have been a team now since the little pooch was born and the 7-month-old are inseparable from each other.

The little pup does everything he can and helps Alarcon navigate the busy and not so busy, streets of Davao, in the Philippines, behind his wheelchair nudging it with his little soft nose as they roll together.

Alarcon and Digong were seen by a woman called Faith Revilla, she was astonished and took some pictures, in complete amazement at what she saw, it was very sweet indeed!

Revilla said:

“That very moment I just thought that it was really amazing and impossible”

Revilla really had to speak to the man so she and her husband stopped to speak to him, to learn a little more about that special little dog he had.

Revilla said:

“He’s a caring puppy …The wheelchair pushing started when Digong saw Danilo stop and rest while maneuvering his wheelchair, and the dog just out of the blue started pushing his wheelchair using its head.”

Friendship is very much a two-way path and Alarcon is really loving towards this little pup too, especially with the little one needs a break from pushing!

Revilla said:

“If the dog gets tired, it will go in front of Danilo and Danilo will allow Digong to sit on his lap”

To watch the video click here …

Revilla posted that picture she took and it got 100,000 views on Facebook!

Revilla said:

“Heartwarming scene of a dog’s unconditional love towards its master …I mean, I thought this only happened in TV shows, but this was a very real scene. I’m out of words to describe my emotions right now.”

Revilla took the pair of them to have a buffet lunch with her as a little way to express her gratitude for meeting and getting to know them and their story.

Revilla visits them regularly with the thought in mind that it really reminds her of the power of love!

Revilla said:

“Dogs truly are man’s best friend …f we genuinely care, respect and love them, they will surely do the same for us, too.”

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