He Was Taking His Two Dogs For A “Walk” – Tied To A Moving Car!

When it comes to walking the dog sometimes we take a little shortcut or cut the walk a little short if we are really tired, but this one guy took a shortcut that could only be called ridiculous, why he did it we might never understand!

Police say that they are investigating some video footage of a driver who was taking his two dogs for a “walk” like nobody has ever seen if you can even call it that!

The driver had tied his two dogs to the side of the car and was driving with his dogs alongside him, it really looks quite dangerous, to say the least!

The video was posted to Facebook and actually videoed on March 31, it was close to the Church on Avenue K, not far from the Sierra Highway, according to a Facebook user.

The Facebook user, Nicole Desiree, said that she videoed it as soon as she saw what was going on, the German Shepard was being dragged on the leash! The driver was also said to have, allegedly, kneed the dog, dragged her out of the car then kicked her!


These actions are the actions of a person who is not just disrespectful but callous and completely hard and unloving of animals, not the actions of a caring owner, why do people like this, that do these things, have dogs at all?

Nicole said:

“Once I caught up to him and told him his dog was simply not able to keep up and he was dragging her he became very vulgar and aggressive.”

The dogs seemed to be in good health, but what happened and where did the guy go?

The Facebook user also posted a picture of the driver, who has still to be identified and questioned.

Nicole said that the police will send her report to animal control officers, but really she hopes that by posting the video it will persuade the driver to change his ways, and assumably learn from it.

She went on to say:

“What this man was doing was abuse/cruelty. I hope me following him and reporting him will make him think twice about the treatment of these beautiful dogs.”

Well, we do think that all human beings should respect and love our dogs and do our very best to care for them and also to be responsible for our actions with animals, at all times.

Hopefully, it will not remain a mystery who this guy is and then a proper investigation can take place and maybe even rescue and find a better place for these lovely doggies, where they can have love and proper walks!

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